The bottom line is, when people are crystal clear about the most important priorities of the organization and team they work with and prioritize their work around those top priorities, not only are they many times more productive, they discover they have the time they need to have a whole life.. - Stephen Covey
Noel Garth King
Noel Garth KingPresident & Founder
Four decades in technology, sports and cyber consulting and chairman of ZipTeq the Caribbean’s premier technology company.
Jesse Thompson
Jesse ThompsonCEO
Bright young new ideas abound in our CEO. Also head of the .NET division and content division has brought motivation and new ideas to the team.

Our Valuable Team Members

Saadiq Rodgers-King
Saadiq Rodgers-KingChief Technology Officer
A graduate of Princeton University and MIT, Saadiq sold his company to Facebook in the 2010 and is now working on a new project-
Loraine Sin Quee
Loraine Sin QueeSales Director
Our indefatigable leader of the sales team. Experienced, knowledgeable and accurate seems always able to find the products our clients need.
Kai Williams
Kai WilliamsDirector A/R & Videography
Kai, with ridiculous graphic & animation talent. One half of the “AR” team. They live in Hogwarts creating unbelievable magic literally out of thin air.
Alecia Watson
Alecia WatsonAccounts Manager
Our finance manager. Manages the accounting staff and the ZipLaw project which are two huge responsibilities.
Khaliq King
Khaliq KingAugmented Reality
Bright spark with an M.B.A. but cool, creative and did we mention cool? The foundation of the A/R pod. The hand that holds the kite that’s Kai!
Tiffany Denton
Tiffany DentonSmall Website Supervisor
Tiffy is our small client portfolio. Complemented for her ability to discern clients needs. Best client satisfaction rating, a consummate professional.
Jhunelle Jureidini
Jhunelle JureidiniWeb Developer
Jhunelle is the heart beat of our small site production team. The Vice-President of ‘dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ project closing.
Shane Blackwood
Shane BlackwoodWeb Developer
Upcoming talent whose goal is to exceed all expectations.
Adrian Balfour
Adrian BalfourZipLaw Developmemt
Adrian is the tower behind our law products. Over 200,000 pages of stuff that has to be precisely accurate every time. You need it done on time and right? Call Adrian!
Danielle Leyow
Danielle LeyowGraphics & Social Media
Dan Dan is one of our premier graphics designers but is also a social media powerhouse for our clients that is irreplaceable…
Sakina Deer
Sakina DeerTalent Manager
Sak, as she is known around the office has an uncanny ability to find the right talent to fill key positions on any project our clients imagine…
Alana Phillips
Alana PhillipsA/R Tech Team
Alana is one of our A/R support techs. A shady geeky bunch on the best of days but extraordinarily bright.
Terri-Ann Rhoden
Terri-Ann RhodenA/R Tech Team
Terry is the Yan to Alana’s Yin on the A/R support team always noticing that thing that makes it better.
Brian King
Brian KingSocial Media Manager
Brian is our social media guru with the necessary bent personality. Innovative and enthusiastic, he has the needed qualities to promote your business.
Ashley Gambrill
Ashley GambrillContent Director
Ashley always finds the right words to provoke character, excellence and profit.
Damien Lowe
Damien LoweEvents Management
The second Ninja.
Devon Gordon
Devon GordonCompany Tech
Keeps the office working, cool and efficient. The silent ninja that only appears when something goes wrong.
Amos Gordon
Amos GordonTransportation
Amos moves stuff, people, things around fast, accurately and all too often. Mr. Amos as he is known.
Hopeton Wisdom
Hopeton WisdomSecurity
Keeps the office working, cool and efficient. The silent ninja that only appears when something goes wrong.