Our method? Simplicity. We meet with our clients to discover before we meet with ourselves to define the information from our discovery with you. This allows us to design from following our clients needs, so we can develop the solution to their problems and deploy the answers they so desperately seek to find. This five-phase process; will vary according to project size and scope; however, commitment to this process helps enhance project focus, improves efficiency, ensures timely and frugal budget control and maintains the level of quality we bring to our work.

D . I . S . C . O . V . E . R – The discovery phase is primarily used to research and develop a customized project solution based on stated requirements and goals. Here the complete specifications of environment, look, feel and color are recorded, agreed and signed by the client. It is imperative when recording the wishes and dreams of our clients, we are precise, succinct and truthful.
D . E . F . I . N . E – Next, we take what we have learnt, apply our expertise to define the project blueprint by mapping out the information structure. At this point we have a clear precise map of exactly what and how we are going to build.
D . E . S . I . G . N – Our team of designers, programmers and database engineers, at this phase creates prototypes of each type of page, navigation, palette and content assets such as; text, flash, sound, video and animation. These units are inserted into a cohesive, effective and efficient design map.
D . E . V . E . L . O . P – The approved design is carried throughout the project and technical development begins. All content assets, such as graphics, sounds, and text, are collected and implemented. The build is exciting. Your application literally comes to life day by day.
D . E . P . L . O . Y – Seemingly the shortest phase, it is critical nonetheless. In brief we prepare, setup DNS records, live testing site, email accounts and backups. The final QA occurs and the project is launched.
quotations_top1“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”
Colin Powell