Deploy - to arrange in a position of readiness, or to move strategically or appropriately to a state of operation
deployThe final stage in our development cycle is to deploy your website. Ziptechnologies uses the largest web host company in the world. We offer simply the best products for hosting, email management and domain registration. Most sites are deployed from our testing servers to our primary servers within 48 hours.

We offer a safe, speedy and easily accessible data center for your websites and servers.

Features of our Data Centre

Server Rooms

The server rooms are the heart of the data center and provide security, power, cooling and fire protection for up to 40,000 servers.

Pump Rooms

These rooms contain the mechanical systems (e.g. secondary pumps, variable frequency drives) connecting the ourside cooling infrastructure with the pipe system and the CRAC units inside the data center.

Electrical Rooms

These rooms house the power distribution infrastructure, transformers, automatic transfer switches and the UPS systems.

Network Rooms

Two separate rooms provide secure space for redundant routing systems of different vendors that constantly transport data back and forth between our servers and our high speed 20 Gbit internet connection.

Chiller Area

3 redundant chiller plants provide a continuous flow of chilled water/glycol mixture to CRAC units inside the data centre. If necessary, the initial 400 ton capacity of each plant can be doubled by adding a second chiller per plant.

Generator Area

Initially 2 generator systems supply up to 2250KW each to the data center in case of the outage of the utility power supply. 2 Independent ATS systems constantly monitor the uility feeds and automatically start the generators in case of such an outage.

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