Develop - To unfold gradually, as a flower from a bud; hence, to bring through a succession of states or stages, each of which is preparatory to the next; to form or expand by a process of growth; as sunshine and rain develop the bud into a flower
developDeveloping a website is a smooth linear process that is the same for any creation. Learn or discern the needs in all areas, profit, information and sensory. Be aware of all the tools and resources you have and need to contruct this dream. And this, the best part, assemble the a team with the talent and vision to accomplish the tasks. Then set them free

Define the Developing Team

Project Lead

Has total responsibility for the project.

Technical Lead

The tech lead is responsible for choosing the tools for the environments that will be required to meet the clients.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is responsible for all site content its timeliness, delivery and quality.

Tool Specialists

The tools specialist chooses from a huge toolkit for Flash, PHP, Flex, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, Adobe Air, MSSQL, Apache, WinServer/CSS/ etc.

No Problem

The ‘No Problem’ person records everything, all deadlines, communication, Whiteboards, meetings and promises..

Define the Tools


At Zip we use many tools but most roads lead back to the Adobe Creative Suite. We have been a DW shop for many years and use the full suite of products, Photoshop, Contribute, Fireworks, Flash and more.

Open Source

If the application is appropriate we will use a light open source content management system.

Define when it’s Done

When the Project Lead receives client sign-off we are done.

quotes-50x50-png“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”
Woody Williams