The Angels of Love

The Angels of Love

Though our portfolio boasts some of the largest and more popular enterprises in the island, ZipTeq is not only limited to big businesses. We have designed and developed websites, graphics, and offered other services to organizations who have paid us heftily in nothing but gratitude. Whether it be a large or small client, the quality of our work never wavers, as we strive to always surpass client expectations.

Our charity work consists of organizations that have added value to our society in their own unique ways. These remarkable organizations have had a hand in Jamaica’s development in many sectors such as personal, education, health, culture, and sport.

The Boys Town community and Woman Inc. are both non-profit organizations which aim to provide personal tools which pave a way for promise and growth in their own special ways. Boys Town community is dedicated to establishing a positive foundation for the youth of its inner city residents, whilst Woman Inc uplifts and provides assistance for females, mostly those who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

Campion College and Hillel Academy are two traditional schools in Jamaica which serve their students with a quality level of education and social skills. Both are amongst the island’s most prestigious institutions, Campion being of secondary-level education and Hillel being of primary and secondary level education.

The Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation and Angels of Love Jamaica are non-profit organizations which focus on prolonging and enhancing the quality of lives for critically ill children. The Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation tends to children who suffer from chronic kidney diseases, doing everything in their power to acquire necessary equipment and funds, as well as raise public awareness in effort to save more lives. Angels of Love Jamaica tends to children who are victims of cancer and trauma due to violence. Their personal relationship to each child and constant efforts to aid them and their families financially as well as emotionally makes life for each party that much more meaningful and enjoyable.

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) preserves and raises awareness about the island’s historic sites, buildings and monuments in each parish. It provides a cultural factor, teaching tourists as well as locals all there is to know about the legendary, attractive places of interest in our very own backyard. The preservation of these locations allow Jamaica to maintain elements that embed into our awesome history and beauty, contributing to why it is indeed the land we love.

The Jamaica Badminton Association (JBA) and Harbour View Football Club are both top-class in their respective fields. JBA is a pioneer badminton organization which encourages the growth and popularity of the sport in Jamaica. JBA has partnered with schools, businesses and sports clubs to contribute to the sport’s limelight and development. Harbour View Football Club was the island’s first football club to be listed as a limited liability company and also have its own stadium. Both are known for helping aspiring sportsmen and women to develop and harness their skills, and have produced many of the country’s and Caribbean’s best sports players, adding diversity to sports to our small island.

We are very grateful to our large clients that make it possible for us to help some of our smaller clients who do remarkable work in our communities. We are honoured to be the vehicle through which we can make a small impact in the amazing work they do.