Project Description

“When we became interested in setting up a website and had started to do some research, Zip Technologies was very highly recommended by one of Hillel’s Board Members – Dr. Jeffrey Meeks. Meeting with Garth convinced us that he is extremely professional and knows his “game”. Meeting with the senior members of ZipTech and also the “technicians” and explaining to them what we thought we wanted, they in turn were really able to give us a better idea of what we should do and how to get there.
Both Garth and Loraine are great team leaders and members of their support staff have been very responsive. Working with the ZipTech team was excellent. They really know what they are doing, what a school website should look like, how information should be accessed etc… The team is professional and the end result is a beautiful, user-friendly website that reflects positively on Hillel Academy.
Garth has been directly involved with Hillel and has shown great personal interest and leadership in bringing us to utilize the potential of the website.

Tracy Melhado-Matalon, Business Manager