Project Description

“We have received positive feedback about our innovative web-site. Some of the comments from our Distributors and Visitors about our website were…it looks GREAT, CLEAN, PROFESSIONAL, INFORMATIVE, it’s well laid out and EASY to NAVIGATE…a tremendous improvement in the PRESENTATION compared to the old site.
Our previous experience with our web developers lacked; punctuality, quality and cooperation. The ZIP Team on the other hand, are self-motivated, displayed a great deal of enthusiasm towards the work and the level of project management skills they brought to our website development, kept us on time and within budget. Sasha and Loraine were exceptionally helpful.
The ZIP Team provides us with guidance and recommendations on best website practices, what changes to make to our website for search engine optimization and much more.
As technology advances, we look forward to working with Zip Technologies Ltd. to keep our website on the forefront of Website technology…Congratulations to the Zip Team!”

Bernadette Wong, Marketing & Sales Director