icon_ziplaw_caribbeanZiplaw’s Gold Products are available in three versions DVD Single User, DVD 2-14 Users and HD Unlimited Users. The databases are Statutes, Subsidiary Legislation, Gazettes, Supreme and Privy cases over 14 years of appeals cases, Summaries of Bilateral treaties of which Jamaica is a part and a Listing of lawyers.

This is Ziplaw’s Gold Multi-User product. It contains over ten databases of information and up to 14 users network access from a DVD drive. It is updated quarterly. It is used by Jamaica’s large and medium sized law firms like Nunes, Scholefield Deleon & Associates and some government ministries such as Ministry of Local Government.


  • Statutes of Jamaica
  • Regulations of Jamaica
  • Gazettes of Jamaica
  • Appeals Court Cases
  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Directory of Jamaican Lawyers
  • Directory of Jamaican Firms
  • Privy Council Cases
  • Jamaican International Treaties
  • Margin Notes available
  • Judicature Civil Procedure code
  • Supreme Court General Rules & Orders


  • (2-14) Users on a NetworkCD drive
  • Multimedia Agent will read the laws
  • Multiple Hyperlinks between databases
  • Updates link to Gazettes for reference
  • MOR link in laws
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Gazettes with links to Laws
  • 2000/NT/XP/Win 8/Win 8.1 compatible
  • Upgrade to (Unlimited Users) US$3,499


  • Price US$3,499 – Order Now!
  • Annual Subscription US$2,400
  • Updates Quarterly


For assistance with the ZipLaw HD installation click here

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