offers a comprehensive group of services that are specifically targeted at small to medium sized countries to assist them with moving all their legal information, statutes, gazettes, regulations, cases, bills, treaties, online to be available to all their citizens and anyone in the world. Ziplaw offers CD/DVD products which features legal information including Cases, Statutes, Gazettes, Regulations and more. Our Visitors frequently ask the following questions about and for troubleshooting the ZipLaw CD products we hope the following questions and answers help clarify these issues. If you do not see the answer to your question please send us your question using our contact us page. FAQs is updated daily. We have established fast and reliable channels of communication in each jurisdiction so that we are aware of new legislative changes within 24 hours of them being made. This includes new Bills and progress of Bills, new statutory rules, new Acts, gazette notices and other related information. makes all information available on its site as soon as it becomes available on the internet and, in some cases, offers access to documents not available via government and not-for-profit sites.

This question sounds very similar to the previous one, but there is a distinction. While some publishers claim to update their database or site daily, this does not necessarily mean that the information is current.

ZipLaw provides users with a clear distinction in relation to the currency of information. When selecting a legislation title, states the currency date of the “primary” material and then provides details of subsequent amendments to the primary material. We take the currency date from the compilation information in the government publication.

If the government publication does not provide a date, we take the date on which the last consolidated amendment came into force. If the government publication has never been reprinted, we take the assent date (for Acts) or the date of making (for Regulations). offers users a greater degree of transparency and therefore confidence in relying on its information.

To borrow from the world of information technology marketing, the answer is ‘Soon’. We are always negotiating for the addition of new materials to the databases. There is a recognised advantage in the use of comprehensive sources when undertaking legal research, and we aim to make the most comprehensive resource for Jamaican legal research. materials can be displayed with virtually any browser; however, we recommend Firefox, Chromer, or Explorer. And please ensure you update your browsers immediately for security and to get the best possible ZipLaw experience.
Yes, we have all the statutes and regulations available. also, a statute or regulation is updated immediately after it has been amended by parliament.
On the homepage below the section “members login” on the ZipLaw website, click “new members, register here”. Select whether you are registering you company, which will allow you multiple logins or select individual which will allow you one login. Enter the required information then click register.
First you have to become a member, then once you have logged in select “premium access” from the top right menu, then select the database(s) you wish to access and chose the payment method then select “Buy Now”. Once payment is cleared login and you will see the database you paid for on the left tree menu.
To reset your password first, log in with your current user name and password then click “my account” on the top right menu. On the “my accounts” page enter the new password then click “Update”.


Whenever this error occurs please do one of the following in order to get the ziplaw application working again:

  • ensure that you are using an updated ZipLaw CD for the current year;
  • check the date on your computer and ensure it is showing the current date;
  • do a search of your registry and delete all occurrences of ziplaw and ziplaw.exe; or
  • reinstall the application
This error occurs because of complications with the setup files and your windows operating system. To solve, do the following:

  • Uninstall the Ziplaw application;
  • Do a search of your registry and delete all occurrences of ZipLaw and ZipLaw.exe;
  • install a ZipLaw CD dated before December 2007
  • copy the ZipLaw.exe file from the new CD to the program files folder on your PC;
  • insert the current ZipLaw Cd into the CD-Rom drive;
  • open the Ziplaw
This error occurs whenever you install the ZipLaw application on a network client’s machine with no read/write access to the ZipLaw within the registry. To correct this error, your Administrator should give the user read/write access to the Ziplaw Limited folder within the registry.
This is an indication that the mvut14n.dll file is not present on your computer. We recommend that you download this file and copy it to your systems 32 folder or contact our office for a copy of the said file.
This is an indication that the msvbvm50.dll file is not present on your computer. We recommend that you download this file and copy it to your systems 32 folder or contact our office for a copy of the said file.
For location of public database popup:
Select the drive that the Ziplaw CD is in from the pop-up, expand it and highlight “System” then press ok.
For where do you want to save your dockets:
Select My Documents from the pop-up box then click ok.
For Location of public dockets, select My Documents, from the pop-up box then click ok.